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Routes and services

Sea transportation from China and Southeast Asia

Sea transportation from China and Southeast Asia

  • Railship Service company specializes in the transportation of goods in 20ft and 40ft universal dry containers, as well as in specialized containers such as “Open Top”, “Hard Top”, “Flat Rack” from any port of China and Southeast Asia to Russia with the possibility subsequent delivery to the customer’s warehouse in any region of the Russian Federation.
  • Shipment is possible from more than 70 POLs of China, as well as Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam.
  • Railship Service offers a highly developed agency service, customs clearance, warehouse services, door delivery in any country of Southeast Asia.
We also provide consulting services and assistance in customs clearance, registration of certificates, permits.
Sea transportation from Europe and the Mediterranean

Sea transportation from Europe and the Mediterranean

  • Railship Service offers a full range of container shipping services from Europe to Russia, and vice versa.
  • Shipping is possible from any countries of Northern, Western and Eastern Europe, as well as Mediterranean countries: Israel, Turkey, Greece, Algeria.
  • Railship Service has a large agent network in the region, which allows it to provide high quality additional ground services.
Sea transportation to North and South America

Sea transportation to North and South America

  • Railship Service company has extensive experience in organizing international sea transportation of goods from Russia to the ports of South and Central America, USA and Canada.
  • Having direct service contracts with all sea carriers, Railship Service selects the optimal route in terms of transit time and cost.
  • It is possible to ship any cargo, including dangerous, heavy and oversized.
Multimodal transportation

Multimodal transportation

  • Railship Service company carries out sea container, multimodal and intermodal transportation of goods all over the world.
  • The main specificity of international intermodal transportation is the use of containers as a universal international transport unit for the delivery of goods by various modes of transport (by sea, rail and road). This allows the delivery of cargo from almost anywhere in the world without additional reloading at transshipment points.
  • A large agent network around the world and cooperation with all shipping carriers and land carriers allows us to find optimal solutions for the transportation of goods between cities and countries, delivering the goods to the consignee’s warehouse within clearly agreed terms.
  • You can check the cost of international multimodal transportation for the desired route with the managers of Railship Service.

Our services

  • sea1

    Freight forwarding

  • sea2

    and terminal

  • sea3

    of inspection
    of surveyors

  • sea4

    and dispatch
    of vessel lots

  • sea5

    Sea transportation
    in specialized containers
    «Open Top», «Hard Top», «Flat Rack»

  • sea6

    Sea transportation
    in dry large-tonnage

  • sea7

    Cargo tracking

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