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Instructions for the test

You are offered 55 questions. For each of them, you must answer "Yes" or "No". Do not think about answers for a long time, because there are no right and wrong options.
  • Question 1

    I'm looking for a job where I can live according to my internal values, rules, standards.
  • Question 2

    I get easily annoyed when I notice that I can not 100% complete the task.
  • Question 3

    When I work, it looks like I'm putting everything on the map.
  • Question 4

    When a problem situation arises, I most often make the decision one of the last.
  • Question 5

    When I have no work for two days in a row, I lose my peace.
  • Question 6

    Some days my successes are below average, normal level.
  • Question 7

    I am more strict with myself than with others.
  • Question 8

    I am more benevolent than others.
  • Question 9

    When I give up a difficult task, then I severely condemn myself, because I know that in it I would have achieved success.
  • Question 10

    In the process of work, I need small pauses for rest.
  • Question 11

    I choose what brings satisfaction in the process of work.
  • Question 12

    I have not done a bad thing in my whole life.
  • Question 13

    I'm more attracted to another job than the one I'm engaged in.
  • Question 14

    Censure stimulates me more than praise.
  • Question 15

    I know that my colleagues consider me a sensible person.
  • Question 16

    Obstacles make my decisions harder.
  • Question 17

    It's easy for me to cause ambition.
  • Question 18

    When I work without inspiration, it is usually noticeable.
  • Question 19

    If a person is interesting to me, I allow myself to chat with the client more about things that do not relate to business.
  • Question 20

    Sometimes I postpone what I had to do now.
  • Question 21

    You must rely only on yourself.
  • Question 22

    There are few things in life that are more important than money.
  • Question 23

    The effectiveness of work increases, if you focus on tradition.
  • Question 24

    I am less ambitious than many others.
  • Question 25

    At the end of the vacation, I usually rejoice that soon I will go to work
  • Question 26

    When I'm at work, I make it better and more qualified than others.
  • Question 27

    It is easier and easier for me to communicate with people who can work hard.
  • Question 28

    When I have no business, I feel uneasy.
  • Question 29

    It happened that I was late for a date or a job.
  • Question 30

    I have to do responsible work more often than others.
  • Question 31

    When I have to make a decision, I try to do it as best I can.
  • Question 32

    My friends sometimes find me lazy.
  • Question 33

    My successes to some extent depend on my colleagues.
  • Question 34

    If I appreciate the work, then I do it scrupulously.
  • Question 35

    I like fairly earned compliments from respected people.
  • Question 36

    In life and in business, I have to constantly keep in mind several parallel processes and tasks.
  • Question 37

    I usually pay little attention to my achievements.
  • Question 38

    When I work with others, my work gives more results than the work of others.
  • Question 39

    Much for what I undertake, I do not finish it.
  • Question 40

    I envy people who are not loaded with work.
  • Question 41

    I like doing things that give me a sense of personal achievement.
  • Question 42

    When I am sure that I am on the right path, to prove my rightness, I go to the extreme measures.
  • Question 43

    I am completely free from all prejudices.
  • Question 44

    When I look for a new job, first of all I pay attention to guarantees.
  • Question 45

    I work hard on the task, if its implementation is connected with the recognition of my merits.
  • Question 46

    I take decisions in such a way as to take into account the opinions of others.
  • Question 47

    It is important for me that others approve of my behavior.
  • Question 48

    I start the work when I thoroughly study and organize my workspace.
  • Question 49

    Let it take a long time, but when I choose a job, I take seriously all the factors.
  • Question 50

    Always keep my promise
  • Question 51

    Quality of work always depends on attention to detail.
  • Question 52

    I appreciate the work if I can set high standards for myself.
  • Question 53

    Caring for small things helps to avoid problems in the future.
  • Question 54

    I always agree with the decision of the management.
  • Question 55

    Usually people easily understand me.
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