International cargo transportation

International cargo transportation

The Railship Service company offers transport solutions for the delivery of goods by truck to and from Russian Federation.


The main advantages of the service of transportation of goods by truck:

  • short transit times
  • the ability to deliver to hard-to-reach points where there is no railway
  • minimal dependence on weather conditions
  • protection of cargo from mechanical damage

Main routes of import to Russia:

  • China – Russia, Western and Eastern Europe – Russia, CIS – Russia
  • Main routes of export from Russia:
  • Russia – China, Russia – Western and Eastern Europe, Russia – CIS
Internal transportation by truck

Internal transportation by truck

  • Railship Service  also offers logistic solutions for the transportation of goods by road inside Russia.
  • It is possible to use both eurotrucks as independent domestic Russian transportation and container trucks as part of multimodal transportation.
  • Railship Service carries out the delivery of an empty container by truck to the warehouse / /factory of the Shipper for loading and further trucking to the railway station of departure in export, or accepting a laden container at the station of destination and trucking to the warehouse/ factory of the Consignee in import.

Our services

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    International transportation of FCL cargo by truck from Europe, the countries of Scandinavia and the CIS

  • auto2

    Transportation of LCL cargo "from door to door",
    including a full package of services in volume more than 1 m3
    from the countries of Europe, Scandinavia, the CIS,
    Southeast Asia, America, etc.

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    Organization of cargo security
    and insurance

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    Assistance in customs clearance
    for import and export shipments,
    both in Europe and in Russia

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    Transportation of oversized and heavy cargoes Obtaining permits,
    Organization of special transport,
    Development of loading and unloading schemes,
    Formation and coordination of the transportation route


Tilt trucks with a cargo space from 82 to 120m3
All-metal trucks with a cargo space from 82 to 120m3
A vehicle with a universal cargo platform designed to transport various types of containers
Specialized rolling stock for the transportation of oversized and heavy cargo

Multimodal cargo transportation using several modes of transport

Truck transportation

Railship Service also offers multimodal solutions for the sending of import and export cargo.

  • Transit declaration in the ports of the CIS countries;
  • Container transportation: “Port of destination – Moscow” and “Port of destination – regions of the Russian Federation”;
  • Railway shipments from Finland and the Baltic states to Moscow and regions of the Russian Federation;
  • Shipments using the Trans-Siberian Railway (China – Vostochny port – Moscow);
  • Container road transportation from the port with customs clearance in Moscow and further shipment of cargo to the regions of the railway
  • Container transportation through the ports of the Baltic States, customs clearance in Belarus and shipment to Moscow / regions of the Russian Federation;
  • We also provide consulting services and assistance in customs clearance of certificates, permits.

We also provide consulting services and assistance in customs clearance, registration of certificates, permits.

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